Vaccinations for Preventative Care

Vaccinations for Preventative Care

Preventive care takes many forms. It can include regular examinations at the pediatrician's office; putting into practice your provider’s recommendations; and, of course, vaccinations.

The Immune System

On its own, the body's immune system is very capable of stopping disease-causing pathogens from entering the host body. But there are times when the immune system can become overwhelmed, especially when it does not recognize the pathogen.

The role of vaccinations is to, in simplest terms, teach the immune system to protect itself against a variety of diseases. The way this is done is by introducing an inert version of the disease into the body so that the immune system will know how to combat the real thing if it ever comes into contact with it.

Maximizing Immunity

Vaccinations can protect your child against the complications brought on by disease. To maximize their effect, experts developed what's known as the immunization schedule.

The immunization schedule specifies when specific vaccines should be given. Vaccines are spread out to give your child the best possible benefits from every vaccine. Some are given at birth while others require multiple doses. There are also seasonal vaccines such as the flu vaccine.

There is a lot to keep track of. The entire vaccination schedule is always available on the CDC website and your child's provider is up-to-date with all the information you will need. Vaccines are typically provided during your child's regular examinations or “well visits” but may be available at other times as well.

Importance of Vaccinations

Make sure your child is caught up on their vaccinations. Schedule a visit or call with any questions! Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton: 541-276-0250.

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