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Why Are Vaccines Important For Children?

Childhood vaccinations are essential to maintain the health of children. They help protect against disease and illnesses that can be life-threatening or cause long-term complications. Some public-school districts may also require your child to have them before getting enrolled in school. Thankfully, Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton in Pendleton, OR, provides all required childhood immunizations.

How Childhood Vaccinations Work

Vaccinations work by exposing children to a small amount of an agent related to the disease but not enough to cause illness. The body's immune system recognizes it as foreign and develops antibodies against it so that when someone comes in contact with the actual virus or bacteria, their immune system will have defenses ready to fight off infection. That way, if anyone else gets exposed--they're less likely to get infected because their body already has antibodies against it. Childhood vaccines have proven to be highly effective for older diseases like polio, measles, mumps, and rubella. In the last two decades, there has also been the development of a chickenpox vaccine which has saved many children from agony.

What to Expect When Getting Vaccinations

Childhood vaccinations are done at the same time as child wellness exams. When your child will receive vaccinations depends on their age. Various vaccines are given during the first two years of life, and boosters are typically administered at age four. Some boosters are required in middle school or high school as well. One of our providers at Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton will determine if your child is healthy enough to receive vaccines and then administer them at the appropriate wellness check.

Exceptions to Getting Your Child Vaccinated

There are only a few exceptions to getting your child vaccinated. Some states still allow objections based on religious beliefs, while others do not. If your pediatrician determines that your child has a reaction that is too severe to handle vaccines, the pediatrician will recommend that your child not have them throughout their life. This exception will be something you'll need to pack around with your child until they can care for it independently.

If you're seeking childhood vaccinations in Pendleton, OR, look no further than Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton in Pendleton, OR. Contact them at 541-276-0250 today for an appointment!

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