ADHD Symptoms

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can impact your child's success in school and their behavior. There are some important signs to look out for, but if you are concerned about ADHD it's important to seek help.


Children with ADHD have a tendency to interrupt or to impose themselves on activities or conversations. It can affect how they interact with others and make it appear as though they neglect others’ needs in favor of their own.


In line with interruptions, another symptom of ADHD is anger outbursts in inappropriate situations. These are typically seen as temper tantrums in very young children.

Trouble Focusing

Although many children with ADHD appear to have a large number of interests, they may have difficulty finishing what they start. You may notice they have trouble completing errands or homework because they begin doing something else that catches their interest.

Forgetfulness is another sign of the condition.

Trouble Paying Attention

Children with ADHD may also have problems paying attention to others. This is often noticed in school. The child can hear you speaking clearly, and directly at them, but they can have trouble repeating back what is said to them.


Not all kids with ADHD fidget in their seats or are outwardly hyperactive all the time. Many kids with the condition are actually quieter than most and may have problems with daydreaming.

Seeking Help

Although many of these symptoms can result in problems in school and at home, it should not be assumed that your child is being lazy or is unintelligent. It just means they require a little extra help.

ADHD Treatment

Many of the above symptoms are just common signs of youth and normal development. It's only when these symptoms have negative repercussions for your child, both at home and at school, that it's recommended you seek help.

If you have ADHD concerns please reach out to Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton at (541) 276-0250.

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