Why Children Need School Physicals

At Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton, we perform sports physical exams on children so they can be cleared to participate in school sports. When you need a school physical, contact us for an appointment.

What is a school physical?

At a physical appointment for your child, the provider performs a comprehensive physical exam and health screening. This is called a well visit or well child check. A nurse or doctor records their height, weight, and all their vital signs and will perform a brief vision screening. Expect to have a conversation with the provider about your child’s health and health history. We will want to know about any surgeries or conditions in your child's past. Your provider will also want to know about family history, so come to the appointment with as much information as you can.

Why is it important?

A school physical is important for your child's overall health and is probably required for them to participate in sports. Some schools even call it a pre-participation physical examination (or PPE). One reason physical appointments are important is so your provider can confirm your child is hitting developmental milestones. Identifying health issues early in childhood can make a big difference when it comes to treatment options.

Physicals are also an important opportunity for you and your child to speak with your provider and ask any questions about their health and behavior. We encourage you to come to the appointment with any questions you may have.

It’s important that kids keep regular physical appointments. We love to see your kids grow up happy and healthy! For an appointment, contact Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton at (541) 276-0250.

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