Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that causes an individual to struggle with focus, and it affects many children. Kids with this condition are often impulsive, have trouble sitting still, or they may be more emotional than someone without it.

At Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton, our providers can assist with therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes if your child has this condition. It may help to read some of the commonly asked questions to get a better understanding of the condition.

What Are the Signs of ADHD?

A child with ADHD may have difficulty staying focused or controlling his or her behaviors. Hyperactivity may occur, which makes it difficult for the child to sit still for prolonged periods of time.

If your kid has ADHD, he or she may fail to follow rules or instructions. Sometimes a kid with ADHD talks a lot and will interrupt others when they're speaking. He or she may have difficulty staying organized, may be forgetful, or might get distracted easily.

How Is ADHD Diagnosed?

We'll want to talk to you and your child. Our provider will discuss the signs of ADHD your child exhibits and ask how it's affecting his or her life.

Typically, our practitioner will have you fill out a questionnaire about your child based on his or her age. This can help us and determine if your child has ADHD and, if so, gauge the severity.

How Is ADHD Treated?

This depends on your child's situation as well as the severity of his or her condition. We'll also discuss what you prefer in terms of treatment. We understand that not all parents are okay with their child taking a medication.

Part of the treatment may include behavioral therapy, which will include tips for parents who are helping their child through this condition.

Sometimes, our practitioner will recommend ways to help your child better stay organized and focused. We may recommend making sure your child is getting enough exercise and sleeping enough throughout the night. Diet changes can also assist with symptoms.

For some children, medications are the most effective treatment route. However, we try to make this a last resort and stress the importance of lifestyle changes and behavioral therapy before trying medication.

At Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton, our providers offer parents advice and help children cope with ADHD. For an appointment, contact Pediatric Specialists of Pendleton at (541) 276-0250.

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